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Killawatt EZ Usage and Tips

Green Needham Collaborative and NSTAR have donated two Kill-a-Watt EZ meters to the Needham Public Library for loan to library patrons. These handy devices allow you to measure the energy used by the appliances and other electric and electronic devices in your home. The Kill-a-Watt meters will be loaned out with their instruction manuals. A …read more


Town Meeting approves zoning for Met Tower

Evaluation of the potential for wind power at Needham’s RTS took an important step forward when Town Meeting approved two zoning articles permitting the erection of a temporary Met Tower (“Meteorological Tower”) to measure the wind at the RTS. On the first night of this year’s Annual Town Meeting, articles 3 and 4 were approved, …read more



Water. Last month we had too much, and basements flooded. Last week we had too little and much of the Boston area had to boil their water in the wake of the pipe failure. How do you use water in your home? Do you empty your water glasses, or the kids’ water bottles into the …read more