Another Massachusetts refrigerator and appliance rebate program begins on July 28th. As with last year’s appliance rebate program, funding is limited. So don’t miss this opportunity to get a $150 rebate on an energy-efficient refrigerator and $50 on an energy-efficient air conditioner.

All the information you need to participate is at available at the Massachusetts Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate web site. Once the program begins on July 28th, you will also be able to call (877) 574-1128 to get information on the program.

To get the rebate, you must purchase a qualified Energy Star appliance after July 28th from a participating retailer and dispose of an existing appliance that is being replaced.

  • Once the program begins on July 28th, you will be able to check that funds are still available on the web site or via the toll-free phone number.
  • Nearby participating retailers include:
    • Best Buy in Dedham
    • Home Depot in West Roxbury
    • Jarvis Appliance in Wellesley
    • Lowe’s in Dedham
    • Poirier Service in Newton
    • Sears in Dedham
    • You-Do-It Electronics in Needham
Another short window for appliance rebates starting July 28th
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