Since we’d already had two home energy assessments during the ten years that we’ve lived in our home, we did not think that it would be valuable to get another, but we were mistaken. Mass Save’s Home Energy Assessment program has improved considerably for the homeowner – even for those who have done substantial energy-saving improvements to their homes. And, Next Step Living, the Mass Save company that Green Needham has partnered with, did a fantastic job.

Next Step Living did both the assessment and the work, which made it much easier for us. Also, they were willing to do what we could not do easily: saw a piece out of two walls, insulate the exposed floors and walls, and then patch the holes with a piece of wall board (insulated on the back!) And, we only paid 25% of the cost of this work (approx. $350). They also air sealed the attic and eaves for free. There were three men working for 12 hours – one man even came back a few days later to weather strip a door and the attic hatch.

So, with Mass Save’s improved home energy assessment program, and a company like Next Step Living doing the work, you should consider getting another energy assessment (you can get one every year). You might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome and be warmer this winter! And, if you’ve never had one, you should definitely get one. Who knows what you could save?

Another Home Energy Assessment? You Might be Surprised What a Good Idea This Could Be

One thought on “Another Home Energy Assessment? You Might be Surprised What a Good Idea This Could Be

  • January 7, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    Hi Maureen, I totally agree with you. We were thrilled with our energy audit and recommend it to everyone. When I sell a home I recommend to the new owner to schedule and energy audit with Mass Save. What a great experience and savings.
    Pat Baler

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