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Turning Food Waste Into Energy – an Exciting New State Initiative

Organic matter makes up one-quarter of our waste; it is currently being landfilled or incinerated.  Here’s a new alternative for this waste: anaerobic digestion.  Anaerobic digestion is a technology that produces biogas from organic matter, which can then be used to generate electricity. New state regulations, which take effect next July, ban hospitals, universities, hotels, …read more


Bottled up, again

For nearly fifteen years, Massachusetts legislators and supporters have been trying to pass an expanded bottle bill that would treat all beverage containers similarly, ending the nonsensical distinction between carbonated beverages (subject to the deposit) and non-carbonated beverages (not subject to the deposit). Despite polls showing 77% support from the public and a majority of …read more


Expanded Bottle Bill ready for Senate vote

With its first update since 1982 on the horizon, an expanded Massachusetts Bottle Bill is ready for Senate vote, promising to increase recycling success in the Commonwealth if passed.