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Pay a few cents more per kilowatt hour to support local renewable energy

How does it work?

  • Generators of Renewable Energy have two sources of revenue: 1) selling the electricity they generate, and 2) selling “Renewable Energy Certificates” or RECs. (They can sell one renewable energy certificate for each 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity generated.) Renewable Energy Certificates are an important financial incentive for renewable energy projects in New England.
  • Green Energy Consumers Alliance, (formerly Mass Energy), is a non-profit that will match your monthly electricity use (in kilowatt hours) with local green power. What does this mean?  Green Energy Consumers Alliance uses your money to buy Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from carefully chosen local projects. By entering into long term contracts to buy RECs, they help new projects to be developed that might not have been built without the guaranteed purchase of their RECs.
  •  Organizations promoting Green Energy Consumers Alliance’s Green Power programs include Mass Audubon & Mothers Out Front.
Mass Energy Small Hydro Power Plant
Mass Energy Small Hydro Power Plant

More Details

  •  New England GreenStart matches your electrical use with 25% New England wind, solar, new low-impact hydro and anaerobic digester gas, and costs 2.2 cents* for each kilowatt hour you use, in addition to regular electricity charges. New England Wind matches your electrical use with 100% New England wind power, and costs 3.8 cents* for each kilowatt hour you use, in addition to regular electricity charges. Both are available for Eversource (formerly NStar) and National Grid customers. You can calculate on the Green Energy Consumers Alliance website how much extra this might cost.
    Mass Energy Hull Turbine
    Mass Energy Hull Turbine
  • Your electric bill will be the same as always. Eversource will let Green Energy Consumers Alliance know how many kilowatt hours you use. Depending on which program you choose, Green Energy Consumers Alliance will multiply that number by 2.2 or 3.8 cents. The charge is taken from your credit card each month, separate from your electric bill. You may opt out at any time. Sign up.
  •  If you would rather decide on a fixed amount to pay each month, you can sign up to be a “New England Wind Friend.” The money is also used to buy RECs. (This is available to anyone, including residents of towns that have municipal electricity.)
  • To sign up or for more information;  or call 1-800-287-3950.

* cost  –  calculate the additional cost on Green Energy Consumers Alliance website



Mass Energy’s State of Green Municipal Aggregation Report: March 2018


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