Check with your dry cleaners — many accept hangers for reuse. (They may also accept the dry cleaning bags.)
Needham residents with an RTS sticker may bring metal hangers to RTS North Area for Scrap Metal.

See Recycle Nation website for ideas about recycling wire, plastic and wood hangers.

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Household Hazardous Waste

For tips on how to avoid Household Hazardous Waste, see Massachusetts Water Resources Authority’s “A Healthy Environment Starts at Home.

RTS Needham

The town sponsors one Household Hazardous Waste collection event each year for all Needham residents at no charge, taking items such as mothballs, pesticides, weed killer, pool chemicals, photography chemicals, and acids. See details for date and acceptable materials. A driver’s license or RTS disposal sticker are required as proof of residency. No materials will be accepted from commercial operations. The  event is held at the DPW,  470 Dedham Avenue  – Enter at DeFazio Field.

The Town of Needham has also entered into reciprocal agreements with six other local municipalities for Household Hazardous Waste collection.  A fee will be assessed when bringing hazardous waste to a town where you are not a resident.  Please view the details here: Reciprocal Household Hazardous Waste Locations


(781) 862-0500 x237, 60 Hartwell Ave., Lexington, MA

The facility operates April thru November, with limited collection days. The fee is $35 for up to 12 gallons of materials (dry or liquid volume equivalent.)  The fee for 12 – 25 gallons of materials is $60.  Payment is by check only. Check the website for more information about fees, accepted materials, specific dates and directions to the site.

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Household Items (smaller items for drop-off)


(617) 445-1010, 1010 Harrison Ave, Boston MA 02119

Accepts small working appliances, clothing, and various household items.

  • Unattended donation trailer is located at the RTS.
  • Attended trailer is located at 115 Rumford Avenue, Newton (Open Monday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Click here to see what other items may be donated.

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RTS Needham

Residents with an RTS sticker can drop off household items in good working order at the Reuse-It Swap Shop, a volunteer-run area at the RTS where residents can ‘give and take’ items. See guidelines and drop-off hours.


(617) 323-8231, 1230 VFW Pkwy. West Roxbury, MA

Accepts donations of house wares, CDs, DVDs, tapes, vinyl records, as well as clothing, sports equipment, and other items for reuse. For more information click here. Savers is also a donation location for the EPILEPSY FOUNDATION


Salvation Army

Accepts many household goods. Fill in your zip code to find a drop box. Email: answers@use.salvationarmy.org

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Household Items (larger items for pickup) – see Furniture




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