Home Energy Savings

Home Energy Savings

A classic win-win opportunity

Green Needham's Home Energy Savings program aims to:

  • Increase the number of homeowners taking advantage of Mass Save® no-cost home energy assessments
  • Help homeowners who get assessments maximize the energy savings they get through follow-up measures such as weatherization, insulation and equipment upgrades

Green Needham's success so far: 496 and counting!

In the first year of our energy efficiency campaign, 496 Needham households have had their no-cost home energy assessments, and 151 have followed up with weatherization, such as insulation and air sealing. This translates to reduced utility bills -- an estimated total savings of $78,634 every year and an annual reduction of 393 tons of CO2.

NSTAR Community Energy Challenge

Last year, Green Needham applied for and was chosen to participate in NSTAR's Community Energy Challenge. The program's goal was to increase participation in Mass Save home energy assessments and follow-up measures through local organizations.

NStar set energy reduction targets for the participating local organizations in each community. Green Needham set out to meet these goals by promoting home energy assessments and follow-up weatherization and equipment upgrades. Green Needham has been one of the most successful participants in the Challenge. In less than a year since kicking off our program, Green Needham achieved over 250% of our kilowatt hour (kWh) reduction goal and over 200% of our therm (heating units) reduction goal. Those savings earned Green Needham over $25,000 to support our work in Needham.

New Home Energy Savings Team

Green Needham has created a new Home Energy Savings Team, (HEST). The new team will continue our collaboration with Next Step Living (see below). To date, alsmot 500 Needham residents have had a no-cost energy asessment. Not only are energy-efficiency measures provided during the assessments which save the residents energy and money, but much of the cost of follow-up measures recommended by the assessment is paid for by the Mass Save program.

The team's goals include the following:

  • Encourage more Needham residents to get a no-cost energy audit -we've set a new goal of 1,000 completed audits.
  • Increase the number of people who have insulation or other follow-up work done after their home energy audit.
  • Educate residents about larger energy-saving undertakings such as boiler replacements, and the use of newer technologies to achieve additional energy savings in their homes.
  • Continue to inform Needham residents about ways to save energy, helping Needham reduce the output of carbon from the use of fossil fuels.
We would welcome your help! If you would like to get involved or want more information, contact Jim Glickman or Maureen Commane.

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Strategies for Success

Green Needham has partnered with Next Step Living, a participating Mass Save Home Performance Contractor. Together with Next Step Living, Green Needham has organized weatherization seminars, participated in community fairs and worked with local businesses and community groups to staff tables at numerous events, such as back-to-school nights, library book sales, and craft fairs.

Founded in 2008, Next Step Living has grown from 20 to more than 200 employees - an example of the growth of the green jobs sector in Massachusetts.

What's next? What can I do?

  • If you haven't already had one, schedule your home energy assessment now
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  • Get involved!
    • Green Needham's Home Energy Savings team welcomes new ideas and energy as we help Needham take home energy savings to the next level. Activities include helping organize educational events, attending local events to solicit signups for no-cost energy assessments, writing and editing publicity materials, using social media to share successes and encourage friends and neighbors, doing outreach to businesses, and thinking of creative ways to reach more Needham residents. If you would like to get involved or want more information, contact Jim Glickman or Maureen Commane.