Food Waste in America; Source: Wiki Commons

Over 40% of the food produced in the United States – and the energy, water and money used to produce it – is never used to feed someone – it is wasted somewhere between farm and table. Green Needham’s food waste project aims at the parts of that chain where we can make a difference:

  • reducing waste,
  • getting food to those in need,
  • utilizing the remaining waste for uses such as compost or energy generation.

Effective October 1, 2014, all Massachusetts businesses and institutions disposing of over one ton of commercial organic material per week are required to divert that organic material from disposal as trash. This law has brought focus to the food waste problem and motivated food establishments to find creative solutions to reducing waste.

Our Initiatives:

Increasing food waste composting – Green Needham is collaborating with local businesses, Needham Schools, the Town’s Recycling and Solid Waste Division and employee-owned cooperative CERO to enable more food service establishments implement food waste composting. Food Waste Survey Green Needham members developed an online food waste survey to collect information on how food waste is currently being handled by local food establishments. Businesses and institutions are still encouraged to fill out the survey.

What You Can Do:

Get Involved!

We can have a real and lasting impact on reducing food waste in Needham over the next one to two years, but we can’t do it without getting more people involved. Your energy and ideas can make a huge difference in how much we accomplish. If you’d like to help, or just want to know more, please reach out to Jay Delaune, Green Needham’s team leader for Food Waste and Recycling.


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