CharlieCards and CharlieTickets

CharlieCards are hard plastic reusable cards that serve as a convenient way to pay bus and subway fares.  Value can be reloaded with cash or credit card at the fare machines at all subway stations.

CharlieTickets resemble a regular ticket and can be reloaded up to 18 months after the purchase date.

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Where do I get a Charlie Ticket or a Charlie Card?

#59 bus
Charlie Card
  •  Charlie Cards are free and are available at Back Bay, South Station, Park Street and at Upgraded Fare Vending machines at all subway lines and the Silver Line.
  • CharlieTickets are available at all fare vending machines.

Learn how seniors can apply for a new, renewal, or replacement Senior CharlieCard online or by appointment.

How do I check the cash balance on my CharlieCard or CharlieTicket?

Balance information can be viewed at fare vending machines located in subway stations. Additionally, when you tap your CharlieCard at a fare gate or fare box, the LED screen will show your remaining balance. You cannot check your balance online.

Where is the Charlie Store and what can I do there?

The CharlieCard Store is normally located on the concourse between the Red and Orange lines at Downtown Crossing Station. (As of Sept. 5, 2023, it was temporarily relocated. See details.) Most people use the store to request a Senior, TAP, or Blind CharlieCard (but this can also now be done online). See how to make an appointment at the store.

Tip: CharlieCards last for years but do have an expiration date which is on the bottom right of the card. Or tap your card at a Fare Vending Machine and use the Card/Ticket Information button to find the expiration date under the general information section of the screen.

Find out about creating a MyCharlie Account

Call 1-888-844-0355 to speak to CharlieCard Support Service.

Updated January 2024.

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