Transportation is now the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the US. So driving green increasingly means driving electric. The good news is that the automobile industry is increasingly moving to electric vehicles as the future of transportation. Each model year brings more options for “greener” driving, including hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and all-electric vehicles.

EVs are powerful, fun to drive and cost less to own and run than gas-powered vehicles. And electric vehicles aren’t just better for the environment. Here in the northeast, transportation emissions are responsible for 40% of our air pollution – so moving to EVs is better for our health.

We have resources to learn about EVs and vehicle electrification more widely – as corporate and municipal fleets, delivery trucks and more go electric.

Are you  thinking of buying an Electric Vehicle (EV), but have questions and don’t want to talk to a car salesman?  Would you like to talk  to someone who actually owns  an EV, maybe the actual EV you are considering?  Wondering about charging at home?  How much it will cost to run?  Green Needham can provide expert advice that is free from commercial bias (we’re not trying to sell you something).  We can meet with you in your home or over the phone to help answer your questions.

What we can  do:

  • Explain how EVs work
  • Explain the “range” issue and how you charge on the road
  • Review what you will need to charge at home and how long it will take to fully charge the car
  • Give you an idea of how much it will cost per mile compared to a gas-powered car
  • Describe the maintenance requirements (practically none)
  • If you have solar or are thinking of adding solar to your home, help you figure out how much solar capacity will be needed to provide the energy for the EV
  • Provide you with a comparison of the carbon emissions of an EV vs. the gas car you currently own
  • Explain the tax credits available from the State and Federal Governments

So, ask a Green Needham expert  your EV questions.

Drive Green

Drive Green

Green Needham has partnered with the non-profit Green Energy Consumers Alliance to make it easier for you to go electric. Green Energy Consumers runs a program called “Drive Green” that makes researching, test-driving, and buying or leasing electric car...
The Needham EVAngelist

The Needham EVAngelist

The Needham EVAngelist is written by Green Needham's Stephen Frail.
Efficient Driving Tips

Efficient Driving Tips

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