Are you  recycling “smart” and avoiding the most common recycling mistakes?  Learning to recycle correctly  is important  for several reasons.

  •  Adding items to recycle bins that you “hope” or “wish” were recyclable, even though they are not, adds expense to the process as the recycling facility must separate these items out and divert them to the trash.  Examples include light bulbs, mirrors, plastic flower pots/toys, patio furniture, coat hangers, tools and other metal objects.
  • You help the town of Needham save money
  • You help improve local, and ultimately global, recycling practices.
  • It’s the right thing to do and it’s easy!

What you  can do to recycle right:

And remember, recycling is just one way to reduce our waste.  Here are some others:

  • Read our “Top 10 Zero Waste Actions” and learn what lifestyle changes you can make do reduce your waste.
  • Visit our “Reduce/Reuse” page to learn how you can use less stuff in your daily life, and extend the useful life of the stuff you do need.
  • Learn how you can reduce food waste at home, and compost your food scraps at home
  • Bring the food scraps that you can not compost at home (meat, dairy, bones, etc.) to the Needham RTS’s food composting bins. Residents can drop off their food wasteincluding things like meat and dairy that can not be composted at home – in containers at the RTS in the area adjacent to the textile and book recycling containers (which are adjacent to the salt shed).


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