Home Energy Savings (HES)

Energy efficiency and energy conservation are highly effective means of reducing CO2 emissions and saving money on utility bills. The HES team promotes no-cost energy assessments, encourages the completion of energy assessment follow-up work, and provides information about weatherization, energy equipment rebates, high efficiency appliances, and energy conservation measures.

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Needham Power Choice (NPC)

Green Needham’s NPC team continues the work Green Needham began with its  January 2022 report to the Select Board requesting them to enter into an electricity aggregation contract for Needham.  Learn more about it below. If you’re interested in updates, or would like to be involved as we move forward, join our NPC team. We will be providing education, outreach and advocacy in support of the Town’s progress through the aggregation process.

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Climate Action Roadmap

Needham’s Climate Action Planning Committee (CAPC) was formed in March 2022 and is charged with guiding the Town’s development of a Climate Action Roadmap, a plan for how Needham can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen its resilience to climate change.

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Living Green in Needham

How can I reduce the amount of energy I use in my home?  Where can I get information about Electric Vehicles (EVs)?  Where can I donate a used bicycle? How do I get a commuter rail ticket? Where can I buy locally grown food? The Living Green team has created an on-line compendium of useful information and “green living” tips specific to Needham. Volunteers research topics such as Energy at Home, “Greening” Your Electricity, Recycling & Waste Reduction, Food/Diet, Enjoying Nature, and others.  Contact Eleanor Rosellini to find out how you can help.

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Plastics Reduction

The Green Needham Plastics Reduction team has restarted the effort to reduce plastic shopping bag waste in Needham.  In early 2018, the Select Board unanimously approved a policy that requested stores of over 3,500 square feet in size to voluntarily discontinue providing single-use plastic shopping bags to customers. We were grateful that the stores complied with the policy.  However, over time, some of these large retailers in Needham shifted back to either using the thin single-use plastic bag or began offering the thicker form of bags.

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The Green Needham Landscaping team Team is seeking to ban gas-powered leaf blowers and to shift to safer, more environmentally responsible approaches and equipment for leaf handling and removal in Needham.


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Energy Coach

Green Needham’s “Energy Coaching” program (formerly “Ask the Expert”)  gives Needham residents free, objective advice about clean energy technologies for homeowner projects that save energy and money and reduce their carbon footprint.


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Toward Zero Waste

Green Needham’s Toward Zero Waste initiative works to use the “five R’s”– refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, and then recycle – to address problems of waste. We are focused initially on three areas we believe can have the greatest impact and benefit locally – food, community-wide recycling and reduce/reuse.

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Avery Field

A community sustainability, history and diversity project that creates and strengthens our shared sense of community, bringing together and celebrating sustainability, history, diversity and shared public spaces.


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Recyclopedia Needham

One component of Green Needham’s “Toward Zero Waste” is to educate the public about ways to donate and repurpose unneeded, but perfectly usable household items, so that they are kept out of the trash.  Recyclopedia Needham is our resource that supports that effort.  We need volunteers to help us keep our Recyclopedia up-to-date. Contact Eleanor Rosellini to find out how you can help.


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Parking Canopies

Installing solar parking canopies is a visible step toward increasing our use of renewable energy, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, supporting Massachusetts jobs and moving toward the statutory commitments of the Global Warming Solutions act and the committed goal of statewide net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Green Needham’s Parking Canopy team is working on bringing a parking canopy installation(s) to Needham, either at a school, or in one of the town’s parking lot.

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Community Education

Green Needham provides information about environmental issues and legislation through our website, newsletter and blog. We also organize presentations and film showings, appear at community events, and support programs in the Needham Public Schools.  In Nov. 2018, we hosted a well attended “Go Green Needham” Expo.


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