Are you a passionate recycler and don’t mind delving into detail?

In 2014 Green Needham completed an online “Recyclopedia,” a comprehensive A-Z listing of how to get unwanted items to be reused or recycled. It has been updated over the years, but is due for another update, especially since many of the COVID-caused donating limitations have now been lifted.  We would like to have several people working on this project.

Project includes:

  • Examining a specific section of the Recyclopedia (provided to you by the Green Needham coordinator) —  checking links and confirming the accuracy of the information presented.
  • Adding any new resources discovered, such as the Massachusetts Recycle Smart website.

Most work can be done on the computer, with a few phone calls possibly needed. A couple of “field trips” may be necessary — going to the RTS to confirm the location of specialty collections such as clothing, books, cell phones, etc. Also helpful would be checking the location of recycling collection bins at a couple of large stores such as Home Depot and Best Buy in Dedham.

Work with: Eleanor Rosellini, Green Needham “Living Green” Team

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Help update Green Needham’s list of recycling and reuse opportunities
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