Green Needham’s Home Energy Savings Team works with our Mass Save partner, HomeWorks Energy, to encourage residents to get no-cost home energy assessments, and to do follow-up work like adding insulation, (75% subsided by Mass Save ), thereby saving money and energy by making their home more energy efficient. We are always looking for ways to engage people and encourage them to schedule an assessment.

Activities could include:

  • Partnering  with local retail establishments  to set up tabling events in their stores – HomeWorks Energy will give a donation to a named non-profit for every assessment scheduled!
  • Partnering  with local community organizations  to set up tables at their events – HomeWorks Energy will give a donation to the community organization or named non-profit for every assessment scheduled!
  • Educating  homeowners about the energy savings realized from follow-up work (75% subsidized by Mass Save).
  • Using social media  to share successes and encourage friends and neighbors to get an assessment.
  • Thinking of creative ways to reach  more Needham residents.

Work with:  Jim Glickman or Maureen Commane  –  Green Needham “Home Energy Savings” Team

Feel free to ask a question or provide additional information.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Green Needham!

Encourage Residents to get Home Energy Assessments
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