Have you heard the expression “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”?  Well that’s what the Needham RTS’ “Swap Shop” is all about.  It’s where Needhamites leave “usable” items they no longer want, but someone else might.  It’s an important part of our efforts to reduce waste.

Volunteers are needed for the Swap Shop at the Needham Recycling & Transfer Station (RTS). The Swap Shop is a place where Needham Residents can leave usable items they no longer need or want for others to take. The Re-Use-It Swap Shop is an important part of the effort to reduce what goes into the waste stream. Work shifts are approximately 2 hours (Tuesday – Saturday), and you can sign up to work every week or on an occasional basis. Helping at the Swap Shop is fun and interesting. You will feel good about helping the environment, finding new homes for items, and meeting many like-minded people. For further information, contact Coordinator Brenda Metzler at: bmetzler7@verizon.net or (781) 449-5696.

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Needham RTS Swap Shop Volunteer

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