• Interested in environmental, and sustainability issues?
  • Want to get more involved with Green Needham?
  • Like writing about topics you’re interested in?

Then writing blog posts, and helping to keep Green Needham’s website up-to-date is for you – any amount of time that you can contribute is welcome!  Here are some specific examples about the types of blog posts you would write:

  • an easy-to-do “green tip,” like bringing your own shopping bags to the store, stop using bottled water, or reduce your junk mail
  • provide information about an upcoming Green Needham event
  • update the “Legislative/Advocacy” page on Green Needham’s website to reflect what’s going on in the current legislative session
  • provide information on a sustainability issue in Needham, like installing LED streetlights

Feel free to ask a question or provide additional information.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Green Needham!

Write Blog Posts and Keep Our Website Up-to-date
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