Our Goal

The Plastic Waste Reduction Team is working to reduce single-use plastic consumption and waste in Needham.

One initiative – Two Approaches

      1. We are working to draft and pass a “Plastic Bag Ban” bylaw during the May 2023 Annual Town Meeting.
        Done! – Bag ban passed overwhelmingly at May Town Meeting
      2. Through presentation and outreach, we are working to educate Needham citizens on best practices when it comes to reducing plastic waste. We want to encourage shoppers to bring reusable bags when visiting stores in Needham.
  • The Problem with Plastic Bags

    The Problem with Plastic Bags

    Single-use plastic shopping bags are everywhere, with an estimated one to five trillion consumed around the world every year.  They harm wildlife, pollutes our land and waterways, and cause problems at recycling facilities.
  • Plastic Bag Ban ByLaw in Needham

    Plastic Bag Ban ByLaw in Needham

    With overwhelming support at Town Meeting on May 3, 2023, Needham passed the Plastic Bag Ban Citizens' Petition Article, and joined the over 150 towns and cities in Massachusetts that have passed similar plastic bag bans.
  • Education/Outreach


    We are working on an educational outreach campaign to encourage Needham store patrons to shop with their reusable bags. From elementary schools to local community groups, we are educating people about the benefits of choosing reusable bags over plastic or paper.

If you are interested in learning how you  can help, please reach out and consider joining our team!

Our History

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