Green Needham’s Steering Committee provides leadership to our projects and the organization. We are also a working group, committed to and actively engaged in on our projects and programs. Please contact any of us to ask questions, learn more or – best of all – to get involved with Green Needham.

Green Needham Steering Committee

  • Michael Greis (Green Needham chair) e-mail or call 449-8007 or 559-4623
  • Maureen Commane e-mail or call 449-3694
  • Stephen Frail e-mail
  • Jim Glickman e-mail or call 449-1645
  • Nick Hill e-mail
  • Eileen Mullen e-mail
  • Ed Quinlan e-mail
  • Eleanor Rosellini e-mail or call 453-9526
  • Donna Vello e-mail

All phone numbers are area code 781

Members Emeriti

  • Wendy Surr (Green Needham co-founder)
  • Jane van Benten
  • Aurelie Cormier
  • Artie Crocker
  • David Duehren
  • Tess Edmonds (Olin College)
  • David Harris
  • Susan McGarvey
  • Debbie Schmill
  • Lois Sockol
  • Tad Staley