Working Together for a More Sustainable Needham
–In Our Thirteenth Year!–

Green Needham Collaborative is a volunteer organization dedicated to securing a better future through local action. Partnering with community groups, businesses, town government, local schools, colleges, and houses of worship, we work to reduce carbon emissions and promote the wise use of resources.

Recent News and Updates

Rep. Garlick Hosts “Food, Planet, Health” Meeting in Needham - When thinking about what we can each do to protect the environment, most of us know that our car choices matter, and that insulating our homes is an important way to reduce energy use. But what about our food choices?… Continue Reading
Mothers Out Front Tags Gas Leaks - You may have noticed some unusual yard signs and flyers displayed in Needham for a week in mid-May -- the ones that alerted you to sites of potential gas leaks. Did you wonder how they got there? And why? I… Continue Reading
Food Rescue Program Off and Running at Needham High School - Handling leftovers at home is one thing, but what do you do with unsold food left over from a cafeteria that feeds over 1,500 students? Fortunately, food rescue is in great hands at Needham High School thanks to a partnership… Continue Reading
What We Should All Know about the Latest Climate Science - Climate scientists are increasingly sounding the alarm about the need for bold action to address climate change. The October Special Report by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the Fourth National Climate Assessment by the U.S. Government have… Continue Reading
Needham’s largest retail outlets are now in compliance with the Select Board’s Plastic Checkout Bag Policy - The seven largest stores in Needham are now complying with the Select Board’s Plastic Checkout Bag Policy. The Select Board's Plastic Checkout Bag Policy was adopted on March 20, 2018. It requested that the largest stores in town (over 3,500… Continue Reading