Green Needham Solar Team

Promoting solar power to reduce carbon emissions, save money, and create jobs

Where’s Solar in Needham?

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Green Needham’s solar energy team is working to:
  • increase the number of residential and business solar installations in Needham
  • encourage the Town of Needham to take advantage of opportunities to utilize PV solar on public buildings
Would you like to join us in advocating for solar power?

Green Needham’s Solar Team welcomes your energy and ideas. For more information or to get involved, contact Nick Hill,

Our Projects

  • Going Solar
    Bringing Solarize Plus to Needham to help more Needham residents benefit by installing Solar PV.
  • Solar Successes
    Solar PV at work in Needham
Our plans for this year also include:
  • Keeping track of opportunities for Community Solar. Sometimes called a “solar garden” or “solar farm,” a community solar facility is a large, centralized solar power array. Electric utility customers in the same electricity “load zone” as the array are eligible to participate, whether they live in a house, condo, or apartment.  Right now, there are no Community Solar projects available to Needham residents and businesses, but we are looking for options that may arise.
Community Education:

Let’s Talk about Solar. In March, 2016, Green Needham’s Solar Team organized a “Let’s Talk About Solar” program.  An audience  50 people came to Broadmeadow School to learn about the new solar project at the RTS, as well as other solar efforts in town.
Solar 101 – Green Needham presented this introduction and guide to residential solar energy in March, 2013. You can now watch the March, 2013 Solar 101 on streaming video from the Needham Channel.


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