Going Solar

Helping more Needham residents benefit by installing Solar PV

In 2014 Green Needham brought the Solarize program to Needham, resulting in the installation of over 130 solar PV systems in just over a year. Since that time, solar installations have continued to grow as more Needham residents have learned about the benefits. As of the December 2018, there were over 450 homes¬†generating electricity through solar PV. Green Needham’s Going Solar pages are here to help you get started.

Where’s Solar in Needham?

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Our Projects

Solarize PlusJune 5, 2019 – Our Solarize team meet with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center in Boston. We hope to hear soon about our participation in the Solarize Plus program.

April 12, 2019 – We are finalizing Needham’s application to participate in the 2019 Massachusetts Solarize Plus program. Our application will pair a Solarize PV Solar program with a companion program promoting heat pumps, an efficient heating/cooling solution that uses electricity instead of gas or oil, and may be a good fit for some homeowners.

We are pleased to have Donna Vello (a Green Needham Steering Committee member) and Paul Dellaripa, MD sign on as Solar Coaches for Solarize Plus Needham.

What you can do:

  • Let us know you are interested! The more people that express interest now, the better pricing we are likely to receive during the installer selection process.
  • If you are considering solar, start here and the with other resources on this page.

Get Involved:

  • If you have installed solar and would like to help your neighbors and friends to do the same, please consider becoming a solar ambassador and/or joining our Solar Team.

Please contact Donna Vello for more information on how you can get involved.


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