Energy Coaching (formerly “Ask the Expert”) is a Green Needham project helping Needham homeowners who are pursuing projects to save energy, save money, live more sustainably and adopt clean energy technologies.

We’re helping people with questions like these:

  • Are you  thinking of an energy efficiency project for your home (solar, HVAC, Insulation, etc.), but you want to know whether your home is a good candidate or how much it is likely to cost and/or save?
  • Are you thinking of buying an Electric Vehicle (EV)  but have questions about the EV technology, charging issues or carbon emission reduction?
  • Do you have questions about regular bikes or electric bikes?  Wondering how to fit groceries or other loads?  Curious about transporting your children on a bike?

Green Needham’s volunteer energy coaches provide expert  advice to Needham residents that is free from commercial bias. We meet with people in their homes or over the phone to help answer their questions. Our advice is provided on a “best efforts” basis. If homeowners need help beyond what we can provide, we let them know and do our best to refer them to other resources.

If you need help from an Energy Coach, click here.

Do you have expertise to share?  If so, please reach out to our Energy Coach team leader, Ed Quinlan by filling out the volunteer form below and Ed will contact you.  With additional volunteers, we can help more Needham residents.


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