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Green Needham’s on-line compendium of useful information and “green living” tips specific to our community.

Where can I donate a used bicycle? How do I get a commuter rail ticket? Where can I buy locally grown food? Explore the Living Green pages below to get answers to these and many more questions.


Food Main Page

Learn how you can fight climate  change by changing your diet – eating more plant-based foods and limiting your intake of meat, especially red meat.  It’s a triple win — good for you, good for the environment,  and an inspiration to expand your cooking repertoire!  We hope you will join Meatless Monday Needham and take the pledge.
Also, where can I buy local food? What are some ways to reduce food waste at home? What local organizations are working to get food to those in need?


Mass Energy Hull Turbine

Greening Your Electricity

As an electric customer, how can I bring more renewable energy into the grid? Is my house good for solar? What are my “green energy” options?




Energy Efficiency

Energy Conservation and Efficiency

This section of Living Green in Needham explains how we can all save money and energy by conserving more energy and improving our home’s energy efficiency.  It’s easy and it does make a difference.



Home Energy Savings (HES)

Get your no-cost Home Energy Assessment from Green Needham’s Mass Save partner, HomeWorks Energy, and start saving money and energy!


Recyclopedia Needham

Find out how you can “recycle” all kinds of used, but still “usable” stuff.




Toward Zero Waste

Learn about the four R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink – to address problems of waste.




Get Sustainable Landscaping tips about how to make your yard beautiful and safe for pollinators and other creatures. And check out our list of places in and near Needham to get out and enjoy nature.




Options for getting around in Needham and beyond.





Green Tips – Here’s How

Learn to Live More Sustainably – One Step at a time.




Neighbor Spotlight

Neighbor spotlights feature people making changes in their lives to be a better neighbor to planet Earth. They are pretty ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They are inspiring, and we all need inspiration.





Legislative and Policy Advocacy

Find out the status of pending Massachusetts Legislative bills, as well as what’s going on with local policy in Needham.


Advocacy Organizations

Learn about how you can support state-wide and national environmental advocacy organizations.







Learn how to make your money work for good.


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