Needham only recycles #1,2, and 3 plastics. I hate throwing away my yogurt containers and was happy to discover that Dedham’s new Whole Foods Market is participating in the “Gimme5” program. The first time I brought my #5’s, I didn’t see any containers specifically labeled for #5 plastics, but the last time I was there, they had a special “Gimme 5” collection box near the service desk by the exit.

Here’s what they say on their website: “We are proud to partner with Preserve, maker of recycled plastic household goods.  Drop off your cleaned out number 5 plastic containers (most yogurt, cottage cheese and sour cream comes in #5 plastic) and Brita filters in the white “Gimme 5″ bin located at the Customer Service booth.  We will send the containers back to Preserve so they can give them a new life as a toothbrush, razor blade handle, picnic plate, cutting board, food storage container or other consumer product.”

For more information, visit the Whole Foods Website.

You can also bring Brita filters, compact fluorescent light bulbs, cell phones, and plastic bags.

Check out the above website for more information about recycling and about the many “green” features of the store.

#5 Plastics Recycled at Whole Foods
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