Needham’s First Parish Unitarian Universalist has been named one of nine national winners of an EPA 2010 Energy Star Small Business and Congregations Award. This is just the latest, but arguably the most prestigious, recognition First Parish has received for the energy savings it achieved while undertaking a major renovation and expansion of its facilities.

The EPA’s 2010 Small Business and Congregation Awards recognizes small businesses and congregations for their achievements in the fight against climate change. The awards demonstrate that all organizations – whatever their size – can apply effective energy management practices and innovative efficiency solutions tpo money and use significantly less energy to power their buildings. Because buildings account for 41% of all the energy used in the United States, they also represent one of the most important ways we can reduce energy use, save money and flight climate change.

First Parish was also one of the first ten houses of worship in the United States to earn an Energy Star label after the program for houses of worship was announced in September, 2009.

Read the story on the EPA’s web site.

First Parish receives EPA national Energy Star Congregations Award