Earth Week was celebrated with huge success by the Needham Elementary schools April 11-15th.  Each of the schools took a particular theme or focus and created many exciting programs through out their school all week.  Most importantly the children have begun to truly own the concept that they are an integral part of making the world a better and more environmentally friendly place!

Some of the highlights were “walk to school days” that included scavenger hunts and collect the trash days.

Save the Rainforest was a theme for two schools that included a visit from the New England Zoo, Rainforest animal plays, and rainforest themed artwork displays!

One school incorporated being good to the earth and yourself with Earth related yoga poses taught to all grade levels.

One school brought the whale exhibit to promote keeping our Ocean healthy!

Recycled art projects and catalogue reduction campaigns also were a huge success.

Green Kids Needham concepts have truly penetrated the psyche of the children and the school curriculums.  Being Green has become natural and easy!

Our motto: “Small changes make a big difference!”

EARTH WEEK Green Kids Needham

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