If there is a book I highly recommend to be on a parents summer list of “great reads”, this is it – Raising Elijah: Protecting our children in an age of environmental crisis!

Sandra Steingraber, PhD, is a biologist, mother and cancer survivor. She has a passion and expertise in the biological sciences and on chemicals within our environment that are affecting our health and, more acutely, the health of our children.

She shares her passion based on her research, intellectual insights, and personal experiences interlaced with humor and a profound mama-bear protection of her children as well as our own. Her topics include air pollution, pesticides, chemicals, plastics, fracking and their relation to preterm birth, asthma, cancer, autism, climate change and as yet unknown consequences.

She writes from the heart and invites us to draw upon our own to take action, NOW, to give our children, and their children a better life. If there is one thing I know for sure, as Americans, we excel at that!!

Summer book suggestion – Raising Elijah
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