A month or so ago I was doing my laundry. Before putting my load into the dryer I had to take out a load of dry towels. I was in a hurry so not all of them made it out before I put my load of clothes in. Usually with a full load of laundry it takes around 50 minutes for my dryer to fully dry everything. So I set the dryer for 50 minutes and went upstairs. I came to check on it 30 minutes later and all my clothes were completely dry.

I realized that putting a couple of dry towels in with my wet laundry decreases the time it takes to dry my loads of laundry. I assume this is because the towels help to soak up moisture. Whether they do soak up moisture or not, I now use about 2 or 3 big absorbent towels and my loads are usually dry around 35 minutes rather than 50. For each load, that makes my dryer 30% more efficient, which in my opinion, is a fair amount. I do not know how everyone’s dryer works exactly, but give it a try and see if there are any results. If people use this technique and it works maybe it could be added to the 10% challenge under more ideas. Just a thought.

New Way to Reduce Energy Use

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