Some “essential questions” to open the conversation

Automobiles are by far the most widely-used form of transportation in Needham. We have commuter rail, nearby access to light rail (Green Line) and one public bus line. Some parts of town are more walkable than others and bicycle usage is increasing.

  • What transportation options might enhance the quality of life in Needham?
  • What options would provide greater access and mobility for different segments of our population (senior citizens, children, those living in different areas of the town)?
  • Where should we focus our efforts and resources?
    • Biking
    • Walking
    • Local public transportation – e.g. town-wide or inter-town shuttle
    • Mass transit – e.g. green line extension
  • If we are moving more rapidly toward using hybrid or electric cars, what might Needham do to facilitate this?


  • Ben Chapman, Olin College
  • Nick Santaniello, Needham High School


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