That second refrigerator you barely use is costing you money.

Even a five to ten year old model can cost $75 – $100 each year in electricity to run. You could be spending $150 every year or more, if that second fridge is older.

If you’ve thought about disposing of that spare refrigerator, but just didn’t want to deal with it, think again! The Mass Save program will take that old fridge away for you and pay you $50.

Curious how much your second fridge is costing you? The Energy Star Refrigerator Retirement Recycling Calculator can tell you. (Plug in $0.16/kWh for the cost of electricity.)

Visit the Mass Save Appliance Recycling Rebate Program web site or call 877-545-4113 to schedule a pickup.

Get paid to get rid of that second refrigerator
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