A recent article in the Boston Globe business section — Design Firm Looks to Reinvent Toothbrush — caught the eye of Green Needham members. The piece featured two recent graduates of Olin College of Engineering, Jake Felser and Ollie Haas, who have developed a more eco-friendly toothbrush.

Green Needham is well aware of Ollie’s commitment to the environment. As an Olin student, he took time out of an intense course of studies to help develop Green Needham’s 10% Energy Challenge, designing a sophisticated, interactive, online tool that enables users to make a personal plan to reduce energy use.

After graduation, Felser and Haas started a new company, LittleBonsai, (go to company website), which makes their ReBrush product, a toothbrush with handles made of either sustainable hardwood or aluminum, and a replaceable head. Although the brush head cannot be recycled, the handle can be reused, greatly reducing the waste.

What a great idea – read more …

Olin College Graduates Design an Eco-friendly Toothbrush

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