What do these items have in common: faded curtains, an old stuffed animal, a music CD, a cellphone, and a clean rigid plastic flower pot?  These items, and many more, can be taken to the Needham RTS for recycling or reuse. Ann Dorfman, the recently hired RTS supervisor, has put together a new website packed with information about what items are accepted at the RTS and how to properly prepare them.

You may be surprised at the wide range of items you can drop off at the RTS.

  • Most people don’t realize that textiles unsuited for reuse can be recycled into wiping and polishing rags, or even insulation, sound proofing or carpet padding. Bay State Textile’s “Recycle/Donate” truck (near the Goodwill trailer), for example, takes textiles in any condition, as long as they are clean, dry and not moldy — clothing, sheets, towels, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.
  • Music CD’s are accepted at the More Than Words container, and are used for a project which gives job training to young people.
  • You can take cell phones (with personal information deleted) to the Universal Waste shed next to the electronics area.
  • Plastic household product containers (bottles, jars, milk jugs, food tubs & lids, detergent containers, etc.), regardless of number, can now go into the Commingle bin.  Clean rigid plastic flowers pots are also acceptable for Commingle.

Browse through the RTS website and see how you can reduce your trash!


Recycling Opportunities at the RTS — More Than You Think!

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