Different styles of homes offer different opportunities to save money and energy. Green Needham and Next Step Living presented two weatherization seminars in January with specific ideas and advice for homeowners of capes, colonials and ranches.

The January 16th workshop focused on cape houses.

You’ll find the January 17th presentation on colonials and ranches here.

A major goal of this presentation was to demonstrate weatherization techniques which are supported by the Mass Save® Home Energy Service Program. Homeowners learned how different areas in their home could be treated through weatherization. Attendees also learned how Mass Save® Home Energy Service Program covers these through instant incentives and the building science which supports the treatments.

Areas of Capes discussed included:

  • Insulation (Mass Save covers 75% of the cost up to $2000)
    • Insulating Walls with Dense Packed cellulose
    • Insulating Knee walls
    • Insulating Knee wall Floor and Transitions
    • Insulating Knee wall slopes
    • Insulating Knee wall Hatches/doors
  • Air Sealing (Mass Save covers 100% of the cost)
    • Air sealing Rim Joist Areas in cellar
    • Air sealing attic hatches

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Weatherization seminar presentation – Capes
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