Green Needham celebrated Independence Day at the Needham 4th of July parade this year. Headed by an all-electric Nissan Leaf sedan, Green Needham members were joined by Needham homeowners who have installed solar PV systems on their roofs. We celebrated both freedom from the gas pump and the independence of producing your own electricity.

Since the Leaf is all electric, none of our marchers had to breathe hot exhaust fumes from a tailpipe – a bonus on a hot, sunny summer day. Green Needham thanks Clay Nissan of Newton for providing the all-electric Leaf for us to drive in the parade.

We were pleased to be the recipients of this year’s Theme Award from the parade judges.

The Needham Exchange Club’s 4th of July parade is one of the highlights of the summer in Needham. Taking part in this wonderful Needham tradition was fun and a great way to spread the word about Green Needham and the growing number of Needham residents taking advantage of opportunities like generating their own electricity from solar panels on their roofs.

We appreciated the many supportive comments and appreciation we heard from people along the parade route.

A big thank you goes to Green Needham’s Susan McGarvey for organizing the group, and, of course, to everyone who participated in the parade.

Green Needham celebrates at the 4th of July parade
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