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How can all of us, as electric customers, support renewable energy? Living Green in Needham, an online compendium of information on living sustainably in our town, now features a new section: Greening Your Electricity. Perhaps you are considering solar panels, or have been wondering about “solar farms,” or you may be confused by telephone solicitations from companies offering to supply your electricity. Green Needham’s Greening Your Electricity pages cover all these subjects, furnishing background information, explanations of terminology, and ideas on how to help get more renewable power into the grid. And since the best watt is the watt not used, the Green Electricity section also includes tips on how to lower your electric use.

Don’t forget to browse the other sections of Living Green in Needham on the Green Needham home page:

  •  Living Green — Recyclopedia    an alphabetical listing of many different kinds of materials (everything from antifreeze to computer keyboards, to yoga mats), with recycling and reuse options
  •  Living Green — Transportation    furnishes practical information about riding the Needham commuter rail, Green Line, and Bus 59, plus resources for walking and biking

Green Needham plans to add to its Living Green pages, giving a local angle on healthy, sustainably produced food, water conservation, nature areas close to home, and more. Finding the information is an enjoyable way to learn about Needham and share it with others. Please contact if you would like to help with this ongoing project.

“Living Green in Needham” Now Includes New “Greening Your Electricity” Section
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