Think you know everything about recycling at the Needham RTS?  Maybe, maybe not – read on, you may learn something new!

Some Surprising Recycling Facts:

  • Sure, they’re plastic, but …. do not recycle plastic bags of any kind at the RTS – these cause serious problems at recycling facilities, jamming equipment as they getting wrapped around the machinery, and contaminating bales of cardboard and paper.  Plastic bags can be recycled at the supermarket.
  • You no longer have to get these bulky items into a yellow trash bag, because the RTS now takes large, rigid plastic items such as laundry baskets, trash barrels, recycling bins, lawn furniture, plastic children’s toys, 5 gallon pails, & pet carriers – Just put them in the co-mingle bin.
  • Think your clothes have no life left?  Think again.  Worn out, stained, or ripped clothing, shoes, & domestic fabrics, that are clean/dry and not moldy, can still be donated.  The unwearable material is used for making products such as industrial rags or insulation.

Needham RTS/Recycling Basics:needham RTS YellowBags

  • Needham homeowners must have a valid Needham RTS sticker on their windshield to enter the RTS facility – the stickers are free to all Needham residents, but you must have one. You can obtain a sticker at the Needham Town Hall.
  • Needham is a “pay as you throw” town, so you must dispose of all trash in a Needham RTS yellow trash bag. These are available in stores around town, and they come in two sizes, small (15-gallon – $1.05 each/$10.05 package of 10) and large (30-gallon – $1.90 each/$19.00 package of 10).
  • There is no charge for most recyclables, so the more you recycle, the more you save!  Click here for the recyclables that the RTS takes.

Donate/Recycle – Don’t Throw Away:needham rts SwapShop pic- reduced size

  • Items with “life left”– leave at the “swap-it” building – remember, your trash is another Needhamite’s treasure!
  • Leave small household items and books at the Goodwill trailer
  • Clothing, shoes, belts, hats, sheets, towels, curtains & throw rugs – in any condition, even if stained or torn, can be left at the Goodwill trailer  as long as they are clean and dry

What not to Recycle:

  • No plastic bags/plastic wrap of any kind – recycle plastic bags at the supermarket
  • No used paper towels, napkins and tissue paper, wet paper/newspapers – but you can compost these at home – learn how!
  • No frozen food & ice cream containers
  • No pizza boxes stained by cheese/sauce – but you can compost these at home – learn how!
  • No light bulbs (and remember, CFLs contain mercury and should be left at the “Universal Waste Shed,  next to the metal recycling area, and not put it in the trash).
  • No drinking glasses and china – if intact, leave at the Goodwill trailer
  • No rigid Styrofoam from packaging – here are some places that will take this
  • No popcorn Styrofoam – here are some places that will take this
  • No “foil-lined” packaging – rule of thumb: if it doesn’t stay crumpled up, it’s not recyclable

clothes-recycle-toronto pic How to Recycle Properly:

  • Rinse all food containers to remove all food particles.   In response to a comment received:  aluminum foil and aluminum containers can be recycled in the co-mingle bin, as long as they are clean.
  • Put containers directly in the recycle bin – do not put in a plastic bag first
  • Include all milk and juice containers in the co-mingle recycle bin, rather than with the paper/cardboard
  • Flatten out any corrugated cardboard boxes, after emptying all Styrofoam peanuts, etc. – the capacity of a recycling dumpster increases 8-10 time when boxes are broken down!

Compost (leaves, grass & brush)

  • Put brush in the “Brush only” pile
  • Dump leaves and grass behind the Jersey barriers
What you didn’t know about Recycling at the Needham RTS
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