Eastman Trail curvy linear picThe Eastman Conservation Area at the Newman School was created in the mid 1970’s.  An Eagle Scout project created the original boardwalk that brought students through the swamp area and onto the circular trail.  Later, a second layer of boardwalk was built on top of the original.  The Needham Science Center brings students to the trail to experience swamp, wetlands, volcanic rock, meadow, and pond environments.  The renovation of this trail was one of the major projects to be listed as a priority in the 2008 Trails Master Plan.   Through Community Preservation Act appropriations, the construction of this trail was undertaken in 2015.

The Eastman trail combines boardwalk and a specialized stone dust surface into a 1/3 mile circular trail.  Helical piles were driven into the soil and wetlands, minimizing the damage to the wetlands.  A sturdy boardwalk was built, in a curvy-linear fashion, around the existing trees.  It joins with the stone dust surface allowing for all types of users to venture on the path.  Step downs are in place to bring students closer to nature.  An outdoor classroom is situated at the mid-point.  A dock leads into the pond, and a nearby amphitheater provides ADA access down to the trail, creating a meeting place for visitors.

Access to the trail is behind/to the left of the Newman School at 1155  Central Ave. in Needham – click here for a map.

Eastman Trail pic

Reconstructed Eastman Trail at The Newman School – Check it Out
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