Two hundred and ten new composters joined City Compost‘s service in February, including two offices, one church, one event, and one farmers market!  That translates to over 2,000 lbs/week of scraps for making new soil. It would be great to have more people add scraps to the pile, to be more sustainable, lower their carbon footprints, and support more local fresh food.  100% of material collected by City Compost is processed independently of other generators, and subscribers have the option to receive up to 100% of the finished compost without the space and drawbacks of composting at home. City Compost can also provide consulting, education, and customized solutions for other organizations.

Service is as easy as putting out recycling: simply fill up the kitchen container with compostables throughout the week and empty this into your City Compost collection bucket that is picked up right by the road and replaced with a fresh one. All food types are accepted, plus napkins, paper towels, and other compostable items. Six months later, through the magic of nature, it is turned into soil! This can be received back for use in home gardens, or it will go towards local, sustainable farms.

Each composter has a significant impact.  The average participant:

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 250lbs worth of CO2 a year compared to landfill disposal
  • Creates a new square foot of growing space with each pickup, supporting local farms and gardens
  • Helps increase access to more fresh healthy food, enabling a healthier, more vibrant, community

City Compost has a special offer going on right now, with a goal to increase their new food scraps total to 2,000 pounds by the end of the March.  If you sign up by 3/31/18 and write “GREENNEEDHAM” in the “how did you hear about us” space, you will receive 10% off the start-up costs PLUS City Compost will donate 10% to Green Needham!!

Visit, call 978-378-3048, or email to learn more and get started.

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Note: This does not constitute an endorsement by Green Needham Collaborative for any individual company nor do we guarantee their services; we recommend you ask for and review references before contracting their services.

City Compost – Special Discount Offer for Needham Residents

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