Recycle Right – It’s Easy Once You Know How

Yes, plastic bags from the grocery store are recyclable, but not at the RTS. In fact, these bags represent one of the biggest sources of trouble in the recycling stream. They get stuck in the machinery, forcing operators to shut down the equipment while they clear the jam. In a highly automated business, this represents a huge problem.

What can you do? Follow these best practices at the RTS:

  • Do not put mixed paper in plastic bags before tossing into the mixed paper containers at the RTS.  You can put them in paper bags.
  • Do not put recyclable containers in plastic bags before tossing them into the co-mingle bin at the RTS. There should be no plastic bags in the bin.
  • Do recycle clean plastic bags at the supermarket.

Remember, the cleaner our recyclables, the higher the price that the Town gets for them – we all need to help with this effort!

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Needham RTS Recycling Tips: No Plastic Bags
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