Recycle Right – It’s Easy Once You Know How

Recycling can only  happen when there is no contamination – otherwise, it’s just more trash.

What are some examples of contamination in the RTS recycling bins?  Here are a few:

  • plastic or glass containers with food residue
  • plastic bags and plastic wrap
  • Mirrors or window glass
  • coat hangers or other metal objects that are not either tin or steel food/beverage cans (these must be put in the scrap metal pile)

What can you  do? Follow the best practices  at the RTS listed below to keep Needham’s recyclables clean.  Get more information about what can and cannot be recycled at the RTS website.

Keep Contamination out of the Plastic/Metal/Glass Bins

  • No  trash
  • No  food waste
  • No  plastic bags or plastic packaging (from watches, electronics, etc.)
  • No  Styrofoam (no cups, trays, or blocks)
  • No  containers with food residue
  • No  plastic containers without a recycling number

Keep Contamination out of the Mixed Paper Bins

  • No  wet paper
  • No  soiled paper (dirt or food)
  • No  Candy wrappers
  • No  Paper towels, napkins, or tissues
  • No  ice cream or frozen food containers
  • No  Paper plates or cups that have any food/beverage residue
  • No  Self-stick label backing
  • No  Photographs

Keep Contamination out of the Corrugated Cardboard Bins

  • No  wet cardboard
  • No  greasy pizza boxes

If you’re not sure if it’s recyclable, trash it!

Remember, the cleaner our recyclables, the higher the price that the Town gets for them – we all need to help with this effort!

Check out other recycling tips on our Recycling Tips – Best Practices page

Needham RTS Recycling Tips: Contaminated Recycling is Trash
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