Spotlight: Eastern Wind Power, GO GREEN Needham Expo Participant

The GO GREEN Needham Expo on Saturday, November 10 from 10am to 4pm at Needham Town Hall will offer fun and inspiring activities geared toward Needham residents of all ages. To see a full list of participants, click here.

Hope to see you there!

Eastern Wind Power, Inc. (EWP) has designed, built and tested a Sky Farm™ 50 kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) to be roof mounted on high-rise buildings, or pole mounted in open, high wind areas. We have joint ventured with Siemens Industry which has developed our generator and inverter system. We have designed a mobile unit particularly for disaster relief applications. We also provide a 30 kW system with the same turbine design.

Why Vertical Axis Wind Turbines?

Our focus has been on Vertical Axis Wind Turbines since they have many advantages over horizontal bladed turbines for roof-top as well as for pole mounted applications. VAWTs are quiet, do not harm avian life, do not have gear boxes and their mechanical issues, and their low profile is more acceptable to community aesthetic considerations. Our standard 54 foot pole brings the total turbine eight to just 80 feet.  One of the major advantages of VAWTs is that they can be closely spaced (one diameter apart) conserving valuable land or roof space.


Our umbrella market is Energy Islands – pockets of high energy cost, unpredictable service or no energy infrastructure, yet good wind potential.

  • Ocean islands throughout the globe have extremely high electricity costs, unpredictable or inaccessible service, and constant strong wind ideal for our pole mounted turbines.
  • High–rise roof mounted VAWTs provide the most efficient green energy in urban areas where there is the greatest demand and limited space.
  • Mobile Units (self-contained) for remote Off-Grid locations, particularly to set up a micro-grid for disaster relief applications.
  • Developing Countries: serving isolated communities with no energy infrastructure to provide basic human needs such as drinking water, lighting and medical facilities.
  • Working farms and remote industrial sites in the US pay a premium for electricity and can become masters of their own energy future using efficient wind energy.
  • Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards: Turbines can be easily mounted to decommissioned or active power plant chimneys to meet REPS requirements for green energy.

Want to learn more? Come visit with us at the GO GREEN Needham Expo.


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Eastern Wind Power to exhibit at GO GREEN Needham Expo

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