The GO GREEN Needham Expo on Saturday, November 10 from 10am to 4pm at Needham Town Hall is designed to educate the public about how taking personal steps to be more environmentally conscious is not only socially beneficial, but it saves households money. To see a full list of participants, click here.

Hope to see you there!

Home Works Energy’s aim is to make it simple for you to have a greener home, and save some green too. We figure, the easier we make it for homeowners to be more energy efficient, the more they will – and that’s good for all of us. For the past seven years, Massachusetts has ranked #1 in energy efficiency out of all 50 states. As a Mass Save® partner and largest Home Performance Contractor in Massachusetts, we’re proud to be leading the U.S. in energy efficiency while reducing our customer’s energy costs and carbon footprint.


Take the First Step with a Mass Save® No-Cost Home Energy Assessment
Taking steps now to ensure your home’s comfort and efficiency for years to come is a win for your wallet, for overall energy consumption in the community, and a greener, more sustainable Massachusetts.

A home energy assessment includes:

  • An assessment interview during which you will be asked some simple questions so that our Home Energy Specialist can better understand how your home uses and loses energy.
  • Evaluation of energy use to identify potential areas of energy loss, such as inadequate insulation and outdated heating and cooling systems.
  • Safety check to identify any risks like high CO levels, gas leaks, mold, and flammability dangers.
  • Infrared camera analysis during colder months so you can visualize any of your home’s trouble areas.

After your assessment, HomeWorks Energy professionals make it easy to take advantage of additional Mass Save incentives, such as 75% off approved insulation improvements, rebates of up to $3,250 on qualifying energy-efficient heating, cooling, and water heating equipment, and 0% HEAT Loan financing for eligible upgrades.

Interested in learning more? Come visit with us at the GO GREEN Needham Expo.


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HomeWorks Energy at the GO GREEN Needham Expo

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