The Town Manager’s office announced today that the installation of the LED Stretlights approved by the by the Select Board last June is now underway.

Between now and March – as the weather permits – the Town’s contractor, Dagle Electric, will convert approximately 2500 high-pressure sodium cobra head style lights to LEDs.

Workers are currently servicing lights in the Needham Heights and will move from there accordingly. Their vehicles and clothing are marked with the Dagle Electric logo.

During this project, streetlight outages, cycling lights and functioning lights will also be serviced.

LED lights use significantly less energy and are expected to last two times longer than high pressure sodium lights. The Town also anticipates a significant savings in energy and maintenance costs. The smart controls will allow the Town to remotely monitor system performance and identify light outages immediately.

For more information about the Town’s new LED lighting style, please visit the streetlights page at the Town’s web site. :

LED Streetlight installation gets underway in Needham