Your input is needed! The Town of Needham is preparing plans to make our community more resilient and ready for climate change and natural hazards.

The Hazard Mitigation Plan prepares for all natural (weather-related) hazards. The Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) plan prepares for projected climate-related increases in heat, precipitation, drought, and sea level rise. Completion of these plans will make Needham eligible for state or federal grants to implement recommended measures.

After the Town held a stakeholder workshop last January for the MVP plan, a draft report was prepared and is ready for feedback from the public. Due to the coronavirus, an in-person feedback session will not be possible, but the Town has created a website to gather public feedback virtually. Feedback from Needham residents is critical to the success of the plan.

On the website you will find:

  • A video that describes the planning project, projected climate impacts specific to Needham, and climate priorities developed at the workshop
  • The draft MVP report which details the workshop results
  • A short survey where you can provide your perspective on Needham’s climate resilience priorities

Please use this link: to go to the webpage.  Feedback provide by May 18, 2020 will be included in the final Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) report.

Green Needham has long recognized the importance of building a strong community commitment to prepare for the effects of climate change. We have enthusiastically supported the Town’s efforts to make a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness plan, becoming involved in the initial stages by pledging support for the process and taking part on the Planning Team.

We encourage the community to participate in this important effort.




Public Input Sought for Climate Change Resiliency Plan
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