One day a week, cut out the meat! Green Needham Collaborative is pleased to announce that we are joining with the League of Women Voters of Needham and the Needham Community Farm to launch Meatless Monday Needham.

Adopting the model of the internationally recognized Meatless Monday movement, Meatless Monday Needham aims to encourage healthy eating habits that prioritize human and environmental health.  We hope you’ll pledge to join this community-wide effort!

The idea is simple: you pledge to serve meatless, healthy, plant-based meals on Mondays for 12 weeks.  Meatless Monday Needham will make it easy and enjoyable by providing delicious meatless recipes, educational events, and opportunities to share your experiences. Visit our website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

The Meatless Monday Needham website provides information and research about the benefits of decreasing consumption of meat and eating more plant-based meals. These benefits include lower risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. Because of the high carbon footprint of meat, especially red meat, reducing meat consumption is also an effective way to decrease production of greenhouse gases that drive climate change.

Please take the pledge!  Although we are focusing on Needham, anyone is welcome. Already vegetarian or vegan? Taking the pledge will give you the chance to find delicious new recipes and share your own with others in the community. Take a photo of your Monday meals and post them on Instagram!

At a time when we are all sticking closer to home and great farm fresh vegetables are available, let’s take this opportunity to be inspired by new ways to eat well for ourselves and for the earth!

Take the Meatless Monday Pledge!
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