With only a few weeks left in the extended legislative session, time is running out. Climate legislation was passed both in the Massachusetts House and in the Senate and is now in a Conference Committee to work out a consensus bill. It is vital that a climate bill be released in the next few weeks, before the end of the session in early January. And it is vital that constituents make their voices heard.

The message is simple.

Our Needham legislators have been supporters of — and in some cases active partners in — our work on climate and energy legislation. When you reach out, we encourage you to:
  – thank them for their support
  – let them know that getting an energy  bill done this year is important to you as a constituent. 
  – make it as personal as you can – that has much more impact than a list of reasons provided by someone else. 
  – ask them to reach out to their chamber’s leadership team and their colleagues on the conference committee to put forth a consensus climate bill before the end of the session.

Please take a few minutes to call or email your Representative or Senator today.

(617) 722 2380    Denise.Garlick@mahouse.gov

(617) 722-1555    Becca.Rausch@masenate.gov

(617) 722- 1348   Mike.Rush@masenate.gov


If you would like ideas about more specific issues to raise, check out this Legislative Alert sent by the Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN), a statewide environmental advocacy group of which Green Needham is a member.

MCAN Email

With your help, we have been advocating for more progressive, inclusive, and forward-thinking climate legislation in Massachusetts. MCAN wants to thank you for your advocacy so far this session, and invite you join us in calling your Representative and Senator today in urging the Conference Committee to put forth a consensus climate bill before the new year.

A new Administration at the federal level means unprecedented opportunity for national climate action, including investment in Massachusetts’s transition away from polluting sources of energy. However, without updated state laws in place to funnel federal stimulus money, we won’t have the same opportunities as a Commonwealth to advance zero-emissions buildings, renewable electricity, and environmental justice.

Meanwhile, the pandemic continues to threaten our safety and wellbeing. If the Conference Committee fails to put forth a consensus climate bill, the long-term public health of the Commonwealth will be undermined, particularly for Black, Brown, low-income, and non-native English speaking residents.

We ask that you contact your legislators and request that they urge the Conference Committee members to put forth a consensus climate bill before the new year!

You can find email and phone scripts here.

Don’t Let This Session End Without a Climate Bill!
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