Join Needham High School Environmental Action Club and Green Needham this Saturday May 1st between 12 noon and 1:30 pm as we remove trash from Needham Town Forest. Get some fresh air, a little light exercise, and meet some of our great students while making Needham’s Town Forest a cleaner place by picking up trash along the trails.

The event will take place at Claxton’s quarry (where Needham Boosters Christmas Tree Sale takes place) at 12 pm this Saturday (May 1). Park at the entrance to the Town Forest (by the vernal pool), rather than the Claxton parking lot, to ensure other activities at Claxton have enough parking space. We will go into Town Forest, sending groups down different paths along the well-marked trails. There is a big map by the entrance people can look at beforehand as well.

The Recycling & Transfer Station will be supplying us with trash bags for the trash pick up. RTS staff will pick up the filled trash bags between 1:30 and 1:45, but people can return their filled bags whenever they are done.

Please bring a friend, a mask, some water to keep hydrated, and gloves if you have them.

Town Forest Cleanup Saturday, May 1st with the NHS Environmental Action Club

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