Are you planning to vote in Needham’s  April 9 election? We hope so! Important environmental initiatives have been passed at the local level, including approving  a plastic bag ban, adopting stricter energy  standards for new construction, and moving forward on municipal energy aggregation. There will be more to come as the Town decides on implementing recommendations of the Sustainable Needham Climate Action Roadmap and addresses other sustainability issues.

Informing yourself about the April 9 election is easy. Visit the League of Women Voters of Needham’s Gateway to the Needham Annual Election to get a wealth of information about who is running for Town offices and Town Meeting, what the ballot question is, where to vote, plus The Needham Channel candidate interviews and information about the Monday,  March 25  Candidates Night. The Needham Observer will also be covering the election.

As a reminder to vote, in the coming weeks watch for some creative, eye-catching “Vote on April 9” signs around town. The League of Women Voters of Needham, as part of its continuing efforts to increase voter turnout in local elections (only 15% of registered voters cast a ballot in the 2023 local election!), is encouraging Needham residents and organizations  to make their own Get Out the Vote yard  signs.

The challenge is to create the signs from reused/recycled materials and make them usable for future elections (just changing the April date). First Parish in Needham, Unitarian Universalist, will be displaying a lawn sign painted on a discarded cabinet door. Adults and children in the congregation painted their designs on old candidate lawn signs which had been painted over with leftover white exterior paint. Even old tray tables were put to use.

See more details and examples on the Needham League’s website,  including a lively Public Service Announcement from The Needham Channel.

Si Si Goneconto, who is leading the homemade VOTE sign initiative, expressed her hopes. “I chose to be an American, and with that choice came the gift and privilege of casting my vote. I hope the signs engage our civic and creative spirit while being environmentally mindful.”

Homemade Signs Remind Us to Vote on April 9
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