Customer Complaint Recourse per Mass Save: *

  1. If a customer is dissatisfied with their home energy assessment and/or follow-up work (e.g., insulation) from HomeWorks Energy, (or any Mass Save Home Performance Contractor (HPC) service contractor), they can file a complaint by calling Abode toll-free at 339-707-0918, and Abode will investigate the issue/complaint.
  2. If a customer wants to switch from HomeWorks Energy to a different HPC contractor, either for the home energy assessment or the follow-up work, they must call Mass Save’s toll-free customer service number, 866-527-7283, and request a “Change of Service Provider.”  Note: For follow-up work, the new contractor is required to perform a new home energy assessment.

* Source:  Mass Save Customer Service Rep  6/9/23


HomeWorks Energy (HWE) Customer Service Policy: ** 

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to the company. HomeWorks maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has more than 400 5-star reviews on Google, where it earns a composite rating of 4.6 stars. HWE surveys every customer after any interaction and reviews its 80+% all-time Net Promoter Score (NPS) for its home energy specialist, weatherization, and HVAC departments every week with leadership. 

All installations done by HomeWorks are subject to a quality control assurance guarantee through Mass Save. Program Lead Vendors drop in to shadow or subsequently audit about 60% of installations. Additionally, HomeWorks Field Managers routinely internally audit 30% of weatherization jobs, though there is some overlap between Mass Save audits and internal HWE quality control efforts. 

Residents may also call a toll-free number (339-707-0918) to schedule a free consultation with an independent party (Abode) after any work by HomeWorks has been completed. Any issues in workmanship are remedied by HWE at no cost to the homeowner.  

HomeWorks sends follow-up surveys to residents after every HEA and weatherization installation. If any issues are experienced during these steps, an additional survey is sent out once the issue is resolved. These surveys ensure HWE teams are kept up-to-date on their performance and customer feedback. HWE has a dedicated post-installation team comprised of two full-time and one part-time employee to ensure homeowners are satisfied with all completed work. 

The home energy specialists, HVAC crews, installation teams, and marketing department hold bi-weekly meetings to stay current on best practices and review new Mass Save policies. Regional install and auditor managers oversee all work specifications, reviewing the plans for any errors and correcting mistakes before weatherization installation occurs. 

Customers Receive This Information from Mass Save the Day of the Energy Assessment: **

DISPUTE RESOLUTION: The Contractor and the Homeowner hereby agree in advance that in the event the Contractor has a dispute concerning this contract, the Contractor may submit the dispute to a private arbitration firm which has been approved by the Secretary of the Executive Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation and the Consumer shall be required to submit to such arbitration as provided in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 142A. The signatures of the parties above apply only to the agreement of the parties to alternative dispute resolution initiated by the Contractor. The Homeowner may initiate alternative dispute resolution even where this section is not separately signed by the parties

** Source:  HomeWorks Energy  6/10/23


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