Home Energy Savings (HES) Team – Successes So Far

Home Energy Assessments. As a result of our partnership with Next Step Living, more than 1,020 Needham households have had home energy assessments since 2011.  During 2015 alone, 259 Needham households had no-cost home energy assessments, and 100 followed up with weatherization, such as insulation and air sealing. This translates to reduced utility bills — an estimated total savings of $47,020 every year and an annual reduction of 250 tons of CO2.

10% Energy Challenge

This Green Needham flagship project offered an interactive online checklist detailing ways Needham residents could reduce their energy use and carbon footprint by 10%. Over 900 families participated, identifying and committing to steps that they could take to save energy and money. Multiple Needham businesses made investments to reduce their energy use. In October, 2012, Green Needham presented a plaque to the Town commemorating the contributions of these organizations and businesses to making Needham a more sustainable community.

NStar Grant –In 2011, Green Needham was selected by NStar to participate in a community pilot program to significantly increase the number of households getting energy assessments and taking follow-up action. Green Needham’s efforts were so successful that in less than four months we reached 150% of our initial energy reduction target. As a result, Green Needham received a $10,800 payment from NStar to support its work in the community. Added to the initial grant provided when Green Needham first joined the program, Green Needham has earned over $13,500 through the Community Challenge.